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Friday, June 25, 2010

i heart these BIG TIME

hey darlings, so sorry for the late post. been pretty busy lately. i am now almost finished recording my 1st album :) YAAAAY! after all the shits ive been through, i can finally say that 'album saya akan release di akhir tahun 2010' :) 

yeah, so anyway enough with the 'curcol' part.

im proudly present beberapa brand fashion yang mencuri mata dan hati saya selama seminggu penuh.

Dina and Bitha, this is for you :)

DIna Vahada, salah satu kawan baik saya sewaktu masih di esmod. Suatu sore dikafetaria, kami sedang sama" menunggu dijemput. 

the convo goes like this : 

moi : din, nanti kalo kita udah lulus..lo mau langsung buka butik apa gimana?
dina : enggaklah, kerja" dulu sama designer..siapa gitu.
moi : abis itu? masa gamau punya line sendiri?
dina : mau bangetlah..namanya nanti 'VAHADA by Dina Vahada'

dan beberapa tahun setelahnya dina sempat kerja di majalah, terima pesanan anak" sma yang kebelet dipermak buat prom night hihihi, juga kerja dengan beberapa desainer ternama...akhirnya dina memberanikan diri untuk merajut cita"nya(saaahdaaap bahasanya din!).

and here is VAHADA round 3. called 'DINOSAURS'
Out of her childhood memories, Dina Vahada, the creative designer of Vahada made Dinosaurs as the main theme of her newest collection. As seen on her previous works, conceptual is Vahada’s distinct characteristic, and this collection is no exception. If others might think of avant garde when working on a conceptual design, Vahada does it differently. She intrepreted the image of these prehistoric creatures into varieties of ready to wear items in earth tone and feminine pastel colors, making them the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe.

Using fabric like jersey, polyester, cotton and Vahada’s signature taffeta, she succeeded in creating clothes that are quirky yet still wearable and chic. Well-thought details like triangle appliqué, patchwork and origami cutting were carefully applied throughout the design to convey the dinosaurs’ shape and skin texture without making it look costume-y. Vahada also collaborated with another talented young designer, Muqliza Imroni of Sou Brette, who gave an edgy touch to Vahada’s subtle approach by designing the visual and prints. A collection that would surely make Bedrock’s female inhabitants green with envy!

untuk kalian yang ingin melihat lebih detail beberapa koleksi VAHADA yang sebelumnya ;round 1. dan round 2. beserta pricelist, silahkan langsung search fanpage VAHADA di facebook atau langsung saja mengakses ke blog : http://vahada.blogspot.com/

now lets talk about STAB.
STAB(stare a bit), a ready-to-wear label originally from Surabaya, Indonesia designed by Dewi Asthari and Bitha Suryohadiprojo.
Stare a bit is a philosophy both Dewi and Bitha believe. Based on that thought, STAB invent something from what they stare and lead them into each of their collection. It could be small, tiny or ironically big, huge things. Positive and negative energy inspires their imaginations to create a piece that is ready-to-wear. They presume that Indonesia is a country with thousands of inspiration. From a mess transportation, complicated governmental issues, unhealthy environment, and all of the exotic inhabitant, STAB is born within spontaneity, rollercoasters, and a heart for their customer. The focus of their design is tailoring with traditional finishing. In conclusion, they believe that any size of details have bigger value than people could imagine.

bagi kalian yang penasaran dengan detail serta cutting"an unik dari STAB SPRING SUMMER 2010 COLLECTION, silahkan mengakses website mereka http://www.stareabit.com atau fanpage STAB di facebook ataaauu download it here : STAB PIPA PIPA LOOKBOOK

STAB Pipa Pipa collection video preview from STABstareabit on Vimeo.


so i guess ill see you there, darlingssss :*