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Monday, January 11, 2010

secret relationship

have you ever been in secret relationship?

at first secret relationships can feel so mysterious, full of excitement and adventure.
you arrange dates outside your normal hang-outs, different restaurants or places, and yeah you can actually plug a fake name into your cellphone so no one really knows whos calling hehehehe :p

secret relationships are happening everywhere, all of the time. but they don't always work. the reality is that a relationship that is kept secret can cause a lot of stress and grief for the couple involved. usually a secret relationship doesn't last long(depends..). why? because youll slip and talk about the 'secret' in passing conversation, which is against the whole purpose of the relationship..riiight?!

another reason these relationships dont pan out is the stress of not only you keeping the secret, but the tension of making sure your partner keeps the secret as well (-_-')
this worry only gets bigger if the two of you are spotted together.
and thaaaaaats the problem with relationships that are 'undercover' so to speak'..

you don't have the luxury of going where you feel, but instead you feel a bit like a celebrity guarding him or herself from paparazzi.
of course there are exceptions to the rule. if you are keeping a secret but people know you as friends, then you can be seen together, just no PDA(Public Displays of Affection)!

 so, you want to have a secret relationship with someone? read on!

ps: dont use this to cheat on someone else..this post is for maintaining a legitimate relationship in secret.

1) always have a code name for the person that you can use (tapi jangan yang kelewat aneh seperti misalnya tukiyem atau dalminto. please deh (-_-) )

2)when they call you, go into a room in private!

3)if youre instant messaging them and a your friend or family or whoever it is catches you, just say that youre on your friends screen name :p (thanks to kemajuan teknologi bertitle BBM aka blackberry messenger)

4)try to deal with whatever it is thats making the relationship a forced secret, and try to bring it into the open..ONLY IF you can.

5)make sure the other person is on the same page of secrecy as you. otherwise your secret plans may be betrayed by your partners ignorance.

6)delete this link from your computers history!! If someone finds that you have been looking at this article, they might suspect you! BAHAHAHA nahlo nahlo...

now...heres the TIPS :

when you have a secret relationship make sure that it is AT LEAST with a good person, not even necessarily good looking in any particular way, but unique, and nice, too. theres no reason for hiding if the person (and relationship) is just like all the others.

these kinds of relationships will be more effective, and secret, with a truly trustworthy, caring, understanding, and honest person, and not just someone who say, and talks a lot, about how they are (-_-) doooh.

purchase a new phone so your friends, parents or whoever it is dont see you having any contact with them. find a cheap phone..doesnt have to be fancy, its secret, remember? :p

if you see the person in public, act as if you dont know them. seriously...dont risk it by having contact ;)

don't tell anyone. as long as one person knows, ITS ANOTHER MOUTH THAT COULD BLAB. It doesn't matter how trustworthy they are, they may not tell anyone, but they could give it away other ways..like, unintentional hints, body language, looks, ect.

now heres the WARNING :

DO NOT use a secret relationship to cheat, or let your partner cheat..It could break someones heart. (i mean it! PUH-LEAAASE...dunia sudah semakin aneh, jangan ditambah dengan menurunkan derajat manusia menjadi lebih nista)

Think! why is this a secret relationship?

xoxo D