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Monday, January 25, 2010

thought you should know...

after The Paradox Of Our Age, i just thought you should know...

you only live once, make sure its enough!

all what you have will forever stays here,
all that wealth, you cannot carry when you die,
doesn't mean you have to spend it like crazy (-_-) but spend it wise,
put it for the right use.

does all that fancy bags works like doraemon's magic pocket? (mmh hmm..you know exactly what i'm talking about)

does all that fancy shoes makes you walk faster? or even walk more comfortably?

does all that fancy cars can fly through times?

does all that fancy houses really always make you sleep with smile?

does all that fancy clothes keep your heart warm at night?

doesn't seeing smiles makes you smile too? (really...?)

no matter how much it cost,
a bag is just a bag! just to hold your stuff inside it!

so tell me,
do you really think that by having all that fancy stuff makes you becomes valuable?
or makes you feel accepted into a society?
a society where people are valued based on what they have, not by what they are??
is that really a place where you wanna belong?? damn....

have you ever think about other things you can do with money?
beside of buying junk you don't even need??
have you ever think about using that extra cash to put a smile on people's faces?

or make them stop crying out for food at least?

look at us...we are so spoiled!
we buy bottled water when they offer clean free tap water
because tap water got taste..

Its just water god dammit!
STFU and drink! satisfy your thirst!

the world is too big not to share,
what you did in live is what's matter,
in a world like this..you gotta ask yourself,

what's your value?

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